F Brains Mint

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3 Layered mask, Made with cotton (reversible) with a non-woven inner layer.  Re-usable and no need to add an extra filter.


The use of a facemask should be accompanied by strictly adhering to safe use guidelines.  Wash hands before applying and after removing a mask, never touch the fabric part, never fiddle with it whilst wearing and refrain from touching your face.  Wash fabric masks with warm soapy water and iron when dry.

  • Only use a mask that has been cleaned & ironed
  • Place mask with the correct side facing your nose and mouth and cover both well
  • You can readjust and tighten the elastic so that it fits your face snuggly.
  • Once your mask is on refrain from touching your face again until you take it off
  • When you take off your mask hold it by the elastic and place in container reserved for washing.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and dry before doing anything else.


It is advisable to have at least two masks per person so you can wash one and have a clean dry one ready to use.

  • Wash the mask after each use in soap and warm water.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry
  • IRON THE MASK - this is the best means of disinfection.

KINDLE NOTE: These masks do not guarantee the prevention or transmission of infection.


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